Server Concepts & Rules

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Server Concepts & Rules

Post by BaspatOlivas on Tue May 31, 2016 11:01 pm

County Soil Roleplay - Server Concepts & Rules

In this topic, you will find the concepts that are available in this server, and all the rules applied to them too.


We understand as the concept of MetaGaming, as using Out Of Character(OOC) information in the In Character (IC) channel. This means that metagaming is when you use something that you know in a Out Of Character channel, and apply it to the roleplay simulation channel, which is considered In Character (IC).

Examples of Metagaming:
- John Doe looks above Jane's head and he reads her name, 'Jane Doe'. And he then calls her by her name, Jane.

In this case, this is a metagaming issue, because John Doe knew that Jane's name was 'Jane', because in a Out Of Character way, he saw what the game let him see, her username. To avoid this, you have to do everything in a In Character way, for example, asking her what is her name.


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